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Re: NBC's 'Do No Harm' = Biggest Flop in Network TV History!

Smash wasn't working last season because it pitted Katharine McPhee, who does not have the presence or talent to headline a Broadway show (or a TV show, buh-bye) against Megan Hilty, who already IS a Broadway star.

It was glaringly obvious Hilty was the only sane choice yet the conceit of the story is that the audience was supposed to be equally impressed by both (since the Broadway producers/directors/writers in the story apparently couldn't see the difference, which in turn made them look incompetent).

Also, Uma Thurman was beyond awful, just unwatchable. The writing on that show wasn't great but it was the casting decisions that sunk it.

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Yes Smash was a flop last year...
Hmm. Then logically, they should create a show called Flop, and it will be a smash!
Starring McPhee and Thurman! Hey maybe it could be a female remake of The Producers. So wretched, it becomes a hit comedy. All About Eve as a musical, with both ladies camping it up ferociously?

EDIT: before I got distracted being reminded of how much I hate Smash, there was a reason I came back to this thread. Do No Harm has been euthanized.
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