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Re: Is the opening section of GENS basically the best part of the movi

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(what's with these stupid add-on bumpers on the Enterprise-B?)
Why, it's just in case they rear-end a Romulan while cruising down the freeway, of course.

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Although it certainly wouldn't rank in my top five Trek movies, I actually like Generations a lot. The opening feels like an extended "cherry on the cake" appendix to TUC, love the saucer crash, Lursa and B'Etor are a bonus, enjoy the "emoting" Picard/Troi scene, Soran was pretty good, really like the whole Nexus sequence from Christmas to ravine jumping.

The cinematography and lighting is first rate, and McCarthy's underrated score is often sublime and quite beautiful in places. Other than Kirk's lacklustre demise, and the often bemoaned plot holes, there's a lot to enjoy in the film from my perspective.
I don't agree about Lursa and B'Etor (it was kind of cool to see some familiar faces as the baddies, but in context of their TNG appearances it made for a really lousy end to the whole Duras vs Worf saga that had been built up over five years or so); but I do agree about the cinematography and lighting. John A. Alonzo was an accomplished cinematographer who was nominated for academy awards for films like "Chinatown", a man who really knew his stuff. In lesser hands, "Generations" would have looked just like the television series but on the big screen... Alonzo is the man who made those old TNG sets look like a movie. He did some amazing work.
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