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Re: Top 5 favorite Trek Movie Soundtracks.

Thanks for the topic!

5. Generations - I used to listen to the beginning over and over again when the bottle smashes into the Enterprise B! The fanfare theme is nice and there are some awesomely suspenseful cues in this score (which end up getting reused in DS9). I'm glad McCarthy was given a chance to open up for once.

4. Wrath of Khan - This score just screams adventure! I just wish James Horner was asked to finished out the trilogy with IV.

3. First Contact - I just love this theme so much. It's so simple, yet so beautiful. Goldsmith was so great at that.

2. The Undiscovered Country - Cliff Eidelman's haunting open left me unsettled from the beginning. His fanfare theme was the perfect send off for TOS. And in between he had some incredible cues that added to the suspense and grandeur of the film.

1. The Motion Picture - Amazing work! There is just so much there. So many beautiful themes that inspired much of the Trek music that followed. The music for Kirk's tour of the Enterprise will never get old. I'm so glad they asked Goldsmith to change it.


The other movies:

Search for Spock - I liked a lot of this score, but I liked Wrath of Khan better. I preferred Goldsmith's theme for the Klingons, though it sounds like Horner was inspired by Goldsmith to a certain degree.

The Voyage Home - A lot of the music sounds dated compared to the music from other films. Some of the music was fun though.

The Final Frontier - I loved the Yosemite theme.

Insurrection - Again, beautiful themes, but it's probably not one of my favorites because the movie is not one of my favorites.

Nemesis - I loved the opening. I also loved the end when I think we had some "Blue Skies" in the score before the march music comes in. But that's really all I remember about that score.

Trek 2009 - JJ wanted the audience to know he was coming at us with something big, and Giacchino followed through with large orchestra hits, crazy percussion, and more. He threw everything at us. The theme itself has grown on me, and of course I LOVE the end with the TOS theme. I would say this one is #6 for me.
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