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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

11. Red Tails: A-
12. Hansel & Gretel-Witch Hunters: C-
13. Parker: B-
14. Bullet to the Head: B+

Parker: The latest solo action outing for Jason Statham also managed to not light up the box office like Arnold's Last Stand before him. Parker is the crook with a heart of gold type character. He never robs from those who can't afford it and won't hurt you if you do as he says. His word is good, just follow his rules. Parker gets tied into a heist via someone whose judgement he trusts. Robbing the Ohio state fair during it's Saturday haul will net $1.5m and can be done without hurting anyone IF you follow Parkers plan. Short of it, it goes off without a hitch. These guys were actually using this robbery as a tryout. They have a bigger heist in mind and want Parker in, he doesn't. Ergo, they opt to hill him, they don't and that's when Parker goes after them for revenge. All in all it's a fun movie. Delivers what the previews promised with a little plot problems. A bit long perhaps for this story. Yeah, it's just under 2hrs but some tighter editing might've given it a bit faster feel provided you could do that without creating plot holes. Still, a solid renter but I'm on an action kick with my movie gift cards.

Bullet to the Head: Sly really delivers imo with his new character Jimmy Bobo. I told a friend my expectations were of at least DtDVD quality so when it really was much better than that about mid way through I found myself pleasantly surprised and enjoying the film. There is a moment in the first act where you're getting a brief bio on Jimmy and it's his police mug shot. I swear one of them is a pic of Sly from Rambo cause he's wearing that green army jacket. It's not a complicated film, of course, but it works and has the best overall character moments. There is no blantant obvious comedic role like Johnny Knoxville in Last Stand or the wimpy nephew of a gang boss like in Parker. What humor that does happen flows from our two main characters who play well off one another. I like Jimmy's "You had me at Fuck You" line. I thought the final fight with the firefighter axes was well done.

So while I don't claim Last Stand, Parker or Bullet to the Head are "must see theater" films they also weren't total trash. I feel the fan base for these actors, in these roles normally doesn't care if they scream "must see in theater". I wouldn't even dispute C grades for especially Last Stand or Parker but they exceeded my modest expectations. Where was the action crowd these past few weeks? Did Jack Reacher(Tom Cruise) satisfy them...or disappoint them to keep them away? Reacher did gang busters vs these last three films and is nearing $200m WW. I ask that because next week It's a Good Day to Die Hard opens(aka Die Hard 5) with Bruce Willis---another Expendable. Seeing as how his Expendables action brethren combined couldn't get $15m will the action base finally turn out for Die Hard 5?

Yes, I'm taking the day off and doing the Die Hard marathon.
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