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Re: Any rumors of an X-Files Blu-ray release?

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i would also double dip for Blu-rays. some of those eps from the first and second season are pretty grainy.
I think I read somewhere that the grain is inherent to the film stock used by Canadian productions in the 1990's. Even if they could clean it up, I'm not sure if they should - especially if it comes at lowering the quality of the video in other ways.

I just hope if/when the show gets put on Blu Ray, they can restore the alternate taglines that were used in the opening credits of various episodes (the ones that deviated from "The Truth is Out There"). While I haven't seen much of the DVDs due to the expense when they were released, I heard the taglines where changed to the "truth" one for every episode.
the DVDs all have the correct taglines. they weren't all changed to The Truth Is Out There.
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