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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Awesome enjoy. I guess we're kinda done talking about the TOS set.
...or, you can ask yourselves:

1. Which season's music says "Star Trek" to you more than the rest--or do they equally represent that feeling/thought?

2. Do you think TOS' music is the greatest ever composed for the ST franchise?

3. Among the best--or the best score ever composed in TV history?
1. That's a real toughie. Season 1 has The Corbomite Maneuver, The Enemy Within, Charlie X, Shore Leave, and WNMHGB, while Season 2 has Amok Time, The Doomsday Machine, Friday's Child, The Trouble with Tribbles, Who Mourns for Adonais?, and Catspaw - Not to mention Season 3 with Spectre of the Gun, Elaan of Troyius, The Empath, and The Paradise Syndrome. I can't choose a season, they are all essential IMO.

2. Yep. Without a doubt. Especially considering the time constraints that the composers/musicians had to work under. Nothing against the movies or other series work, but TOS stands above them all.

3. I don't know about TOS being among the best in TV history - there's been an awful lot of great music composed over the years, and comparing TOS to many other equally classic shows is like comparing apples to oranges, really. But if you narrow it down to TV Sci-Fi shows, I'd put TOS among the all-time greats, for sure.

I've listened to the whole release now, and it's been quite an educational experience for me. I've got a few other thoughts:

I never realized that each season had a certain amount of library music. I always thought that each track was originally composed for a specific episode and then re-used later as needed. I was shocked to find that the music for Kirk's speech to Mirror Spock at the end of "Mirror, Mirror" was a library cue. I also felt that about some of the re-recorded Gerald Fried music (especially Down the Throat) that was used in Season 3.

I've really gained an appreciation for the work of Gerald Duning. I never really considered him as one of the "great" TOS composers before, but his stuff really is excellent, especially (IMO) The Paradise Syndrome and The Empath.

I really wish Sol Kaplan had scored more TOS episodes. The track where the two Kirk's confront each other in the engine room is my all-time single favorite track of ST music. I'd have almost been willing to pay the $200 for "The Enemy Within" alone. I just wonder how it would have been if he had scored some episodes that were actually scored with music from other episodes - I'd love to hear an original Kaplan score for "The Galileo Seven" or "Arena" or "Obsession".

Just a few random thoughts. Overall, I thoroughly love this release and it was worth every last penny.
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