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Top 5 favorite Trek Movie Soundtracks.

Here are mine, what are yours?

1) Star Trek: TMP. Goldsmith's finest contribution to the series.

2) Star Trek III: Search for spock. More or less and expansion on the Wrath of Khan soundtrack, James Horner continues his excellent streak with even more epic music including more themes from TOS.

3) ST09: Trek music Newcomer Michael Giacchino created an epic memorable score that has many elements of TOS style score. Chutes and Matter comes to mind as it reminds me of the Music from Amok Time.

4) ST V The Final Frontier: Once Again, Jerry Goldsmith show off his excellent skills in composing music. It's Rambo meets Trek.

5)STII The Wrath of Khan: James Horner had taken a big risk in doing something entirely different for his scores thanks to the suggestion of Nick Meyer not to emulate Goldsmith. It payed off well and has some of the best music in any of the films.

So fellow fans, what are your top five trek scores?
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