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Re: What is "The Fall"?

Kirks_Flying_Wig wrote: View Post
From David Mack's hint above, I'm going with the idea that

Unless I'm reading too much into it.
That's a nice point, Wig. Perhaps this is a Romulan-centric plot after all, even if it isn't about Hobus.

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Ben wrote: View Post
Let the speculation begin!

I'm going to spoiler-tag this just in case.


I'm just really hoping it's NOT
Not that I'm saying I think it is (for one thing, as you say, far too obvious), but I do think are ways in which the writers could pull off
. It would certainly be very difficult, and I don't think it would be a good idea at all, but then these authors have surprised me before by taking ideas I was sure wouldn't work and, well, making them work, so who knows?

I'm sure it won't be, though.
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