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Re: Star Trek Toys of the 1970s

SilverCrest, if it's any consolation, I absolutely LOVED the AMT "Exploration Set" model kit even though the phaser, communicator and tricorder were small and having inaccurate proportions that reflected more of the simplified designs depicted in the 1973 Filmation animated series. That was actually a darn clever idea for a assembly kit/role playing prop collection!

Those items were certainly a parsec level jump from the "spent" makeup compacts that served as communicators, TV remotes as type 1 pocket phasers, and empty binocular cases as tricorders. Before AMT released that kit, I was rather reluctant to "hail" the Enterprise lest someone wonder if I was about to apply rouge to my cheeks!

I guess I just held the kit to a standard different from the Remco toy. Yeah, irrational, I know. Well, maybe because I paid more for that single phaser than I did for the "Exploration Set" which supplied three props.


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