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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

Or it's just an artist's impression that shouldn't be taken too literally. Lots of Trek comics have given us rather eccentric depictions of various Starfleet vessels. The first issue of DC's first Trek comic made the TWOK-era Enterprise's shuttlebay look like a transparent prism-shaped window of some sort. The recurring Surak in that series looked variously like the Oberth-class ship it was supposed to be, a miniature Excelsior-class ship, and an indistinct slab cluttered with radar dishes and other technological greebles. And then there's the Mirror Universe issue of the IDW Ongoing series that showed the TMP Enterprise in place of the Abrams version, and in another panel used the 1701-A registry (or was it B?) by mistake.

So as a rule, I'd say it's best not to sweat the details when it comes to comic-book portrayals of Trek ships.
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