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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

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I know better than to bother, but what the Hell...

I'm generally - almost universally - supportive of anyone who attempts to make a movie, because even in the absence of anything else it requires inventiveness and dogged determination to get it done and not a little bit of courage to exhibit it. As Sondheim is supposed to have observed, you get nothing by discouraging an artist. Most people improve if they stick with it.

I rarely say anything at all about humor and parody. For some reason, a lot of first efforts fall into these areas. Understandable, as everyone thinks they're funny; certainly we all amuse ourselves (who was the litigant in the 1950s obscenity case who quipped "no one can say we've lost the capacity to entertain ourselves as long as masturbation exists?") Sadly, comedy is difficult.

I broke my rule here because the writing in this thing is witless, unfunny and without real redeeming merit while managing to be broadly insulting. I don't concern myself so much with the feelings of the creator in this case because oswater's presentation has been so tone deaf, condescending and lacking in introspection or humility that I don't expect to penetrate his carefully constructed defensive shell in any event.

As for Troi...I got a laugh out of that character when he was Prince Precious in Flesh Gordon, but in those days I was usually drunk, stoned and stupid.

(I know, but it seemed only sporting to tee one up for oswater and friends. Have at it, kids.)
Thanks for responding again. There is no "defensive shell" if you articulate your point like you just did. You can not like my movie, that's all well and good.
You understand that this is a thread to discuss my video. You originally came here to just insult it and me. So naturally, I insulted you back. You shouldn't come to a discussion and be offended when someone talks back.
Everything you said in the post above is fair. You think its masturbatory and unfunny. Great. That's a whole lot more to work with than just some smarmy comment about how I'll never waste your time again.
So thanks for the "tee up"? Tell the coach to bench me because your opinion isn't what matters. It was you originally being arrogant, rude and facetious. And *I* wasn't the only one to notice it either.

Oswater: I see you don't have bbs messaging yet. Drop me a line tonight if you get a chance at I have something to send you related to your film.
Email sent! Thanks again.
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