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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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My own personal choices for spinoff films would be, in descending order:

1. A Fugitive Jedi "chase" film where a survivor of the Great Purge flees Darth Vader and Imperial troopers.
I still think something like this would be perfect for the basis of the oft-rumored live action TV series. A Jedi goes on the run and has wacky adventures across the Galaxy Far, Far Away while evading capture.
I've been wondering if that series (was it called, "Star Wars: Underworld?") has been completely canceled, making way for the Fett film?

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I'm wondering if they might pull a Marvel and use at least one of the spin-off movies to introduce characters who will play a role in the new trilogy.
While we're wondering, will Disney also be killing that godawful Detours series?
I hope JD is right.

Regardless of the level of enthusiasm I've encountered for that series, you couldn't pay me to watch it. I feel sci-fi "hilarious sendups" and "fresh parody" are a dime a dozen and not at that funny. It began and ended at Spaceballs for me.
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