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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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So what is Shift-4 on an UK keyboard? It's the $ sign for US, seems like that'd have been used for the . Also, does 24# mean 24 pounds in the UK?
Shift-3 is , Shift-4 is $. And nope 24 would be 24 pounds. # would be hash to us.
His question (I believe) is not "does 24# mean 24 pounds (money) in the UK?" but rather "does 24# mean 24 pounds (weight) in the UK?"

In the USA, if someone writes 24#, it means "24 pounds of weight".


Found this:

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the symbol is most often called the hash. It is never used to denote pounds weight (lb is commonly used for this) or pounds sterling (where "" is used). It is never called the "pound sign", because that term is understood to mean the currency symbol "", for pound sterling or (formerly) Irish pound.
The use of "#" as an abbreviation for "number" is rare in Britain and Ireland. Where Americans might write "Symphony #5", the British and Irish are more likely to write "Symphony No. 5".
To add to the confusion between "" and "#", in BS 4730 (the UK national variant of the ISO/IEC 646 character set), 0x23 represents "" whereas in ASCII (the US variant), it represents "#". It was thus common, when systems were incorrectly configured, for "" to be displayed as "#" and vice versa.
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