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Re: Star Trek Toys of the 1970s

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He apparently loves the Remco "electronic" phaser, stating it existed during an era when kids didn't care that much about screen accuracy. Uh, maybe he didn't, but I, just a brat of 12 years when it was released did care. Ugh, I found the thing horrendous! It was based upon the awkward proportions of the AMT kit, except, "inflated". I could have forgiven that if, IF the audio circuit had produced something, anything akin to the famous cicada-like shriek originally created for George Pal's "War of the Worlds". "chirped"! I honestly think the company used a circuit originally meant for a kind of "robotic" birdcage display because it sounded NOTHING like a phaser! The circuit would have better served the flip-lid of a communicator toy. Except, the circuit board of the time could barely have fit within a tricorder housing, let alone a pocket shaver sized comm' casing.

I was not thrilled with that purchase.
I was thrilled with it, but I was just a brat of 7 or 8 and really didn't care about screen accuracy.

And that chirping circuit board? The rest of the toy has gone by the way, but I kept that. Ironically, I repurposed it for a different genre prop... the "Ghostbusters" proton pack that I built in 1992.

I'm sure the sound is no more accurate there, but I wanted the thing to make SOME kind of noise when I fired it. Besides, it's a pretty high-speed wavery chirp-- you can still hear it as "generic space gun" far more than any kind of bird. (It may also be that some of the components have degraded since the 1970s. I'd swear it didn't always sound like that.)
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