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Re: 10 Reason ST:DS9 Misjudged

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Was it really this heavily serialized epic with the odd one-off adventure? Or were the vast majority of episodes stand alone stories with a few rare instances of multi-episode serialization?
Even within many of the stand-alone episodes, there was a lot of character/relationship growth, conflict and development, I believe more so than other shows partly because most of the DS9 characters were flawed as the author says (much more eloquently than I could). And while the specifics of what happened within many of those episodes weren't part of the broader story, there were layers of recurring aliens, cultures and politics that needed some exposition and development, often as "stand alone" episodes. Plus as the series went on, more and more characters were added to the mix to explore and develop. So for me, all of that was part of the serial or the "epic feeling" even when some of those developments occurred within stand-alone episodes.

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...if we're going to be honest it wasn't as successful as TNG because for most people it wasn't as good as TNG.
Well I can't speak for most people. But speaking for myself, I'm one of those people who did tune in from time to time when it aired originally, and I was completely lost. I was too busy or too lazy to try and figure it out at the time. On the other hand if I missed an episode of TNG, no worries. So I stuck with TNG and caught the episodes I missed during re-runs or later on when it was in second-run syndication and it didn't matter. It was only after watching DS9 in its entirety almost 2 decades later with the convenience of Netflix that I was able to see DS9 for what it truly is: a beautiful story from beginning to end. And for me, it's even better than TNG (though I still love TNG). But again, I can only speak for myself! I'm quite sure others disagree...

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...different strokes for different folks as they say...
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