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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

4x14-Chain Reaction: A good episode and show like this seemingly have to be done during any long running(which at this point SG-1 had already become) show. Shake up the status quo. Show just why the dynamic works, replace a character. Here Hammond steps down, but we find out he was forced out. He's replaced by a General Bauer who breaks up SG-1. He also instantly starts more agressive missions. Bauer reminds us of the directive to find and retain alien tech to repel invaders so Bauer is going after naqudah(sp). As all shows like this happen Hammond is back by the end. I can't recall the name but there is that TNG episode where Starfleet moves Picard off the Enterprise and this felt a bit like that in some respects. Right down to the bald head!

4x15-2010: I liked this episode cause it shows what happens when you get what you wish for. Nice aliens, with cure alls for human disease etc when really it's revealed the aliens are playing the long game. Kill you with kindness essentially. By the time you figure it out, if you do, you've been defeated and most likely relegated to being a slave class but that's assumption as they didn't get that far with Earth. Just the title is fun, 2010. It would've been what late 2000/early '01 when this aired? So 2010 was both near and distant. It's also funny how they use little plot points like their 60's time travel as the ultimate basis for winning the day here.

4x16-Absolute Power: Daniel Jackson as a god? That's essentially what happens in this episode. A young boy from Abydos comes to the SGC and somehow "infects" Daniel with the knowledge of the Gou'ald. It's one of those shows that basically takes place only in Daniels mind, meaning it's another big reset button episode after we just had that with 2010. Come on now. Ergo, I didn't really like this one that much.

4x17-The Light: An abandoned Gou'ald palace contains an orb that emits a light that has a fatal effect on humans. One SGC member commits suicide by jumping into the forming event horizon. After visiting the abandoned palace Daniel almost jumps from his balcony and other SG personnel fall ill. I'm not really sure what we learned from this episode? I admit, I nodded off somewhere in the middle. First time that's happened. Is this going to be a show I need to rewatch. I didn't overly enjoy the bulk of it so unless those few minutes are crucial down the road I'm sticking with this being a stand alone lack luster installment.
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