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Stream before a linear broadcast?

Since CBS still has not offered new TV shows to Hulu or Hulu Plus but instead only old catalog series it wont be soon but it still could happen that they try something like this:

The BBC will stream some shows before they air on linear TV.
Could this work for a Trek series and lead the way for future seasons of that series based on the number of streams they are doing and paid iTunes rentals?
BBC to stream shows on iPlayer ahead of scheduled broadcasts
Since CBS has not put new programming on Hulu or Netflix perhaps they will build their own app like BBC's iPlayer?
Viacom owns Nickelodeon and they are readying an app.

The new app would be part of a broader strategy to expand programming on non-traditional venues.
is that a Viacom overall strategy including other channels?
The CW and MTV have their new stuff on Hulu Plus.
For example, it’s testing ad sales strategies for VOD showings, and is working with Nielsen and others to find ways to measure those who stream shows.
Let's discuss this.
YouTube is attempting to do premium channels.
Here is how:
YouTube‘s attempt to curate premium channels has been mostly limited to its ever-expanding line of Original Channels, but a new endeavor shows off its willingness to help create channels one at a time. YouTube and entertainment firm Greenlight Media & Marketing have teamed up to create Country Now, a new YouTube channel dedicated to America’s twangiest musical genre.
Could this be the way CBS takes with their Trek TV property in a few years or with their own app for streaming video to lock it down even more?

Maybe a new Star Trek series could air on Spike TV at an odd time but really be a flagship for a yet unannounced Viacom CBS app. Or at the same time they rebrand Spike TV to a newer science/fantasy cable channel aimed at men with some shows also like SyFy's programming? Maybe on a Thursday night at 9:00PM. The ratings on this Spike TV channel would be pretty typical for any scifi show on cable on a weeknight Sunday-Thursday. All they need to do is advertise in the right places and maybe a blitz but push a streaming-only delivery that is released a week or 2 early. That will surely have people streaming the show.
Imagine that 3 days after it would air on Spike TV that it also becomes available for rental on iTunes and .
This would really show them who is willing to stream and who will watch it on a network that is mostly undesireable rather than license it to SyFy Channel. I think they could do a subscription-based channel and Trek fans would pay for it to be included on Hulu Plus or a paid YouTube Viacom channel.
Let's throw out a theoretical time period of September 2016 for a new Trek TV series to debut. This would allow them to use the sets from the NuTrek films to repurpose. If they went into production in Autumn of 2015 and made a 90 minute pilot and it debuted at cinemas for a paid ticket only in May of 2016. Then the trek series is released in September of 2016.
Maybe in season 2 they could have it only on Hulu Plus paid subscription service for 13 episodes. The season would be available weekly for 15 episodes in a row starting September 15 and then the season is over but it stays in production to shoot another 15 episodes. The next batch of episodes are not available until February. It is called the 2nd season.
If you have a season-long story arc episodic type show for 15 episodes it finishes them in a tidy manner.
I can see them even putting the season finale at the cinema for a one-night only event and it be a 60-75 minute episode about a week before it becomes available for streaming, and 3 weeks before it is available on the cable TV channel. Maybe fans would get a coupon if they bought a ticket for season finale at the cinema to use toward on buying the series on Blu-ray.

There is no need to reach 100 episodes for syndication. 15 episodes will sell on Blu-ray and season download. The whole first season would not be available on netflix until the end of the 2nd season to allow for paid download and Blu-ray markets.

What is say season 1 had a
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