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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I get the historical parallels, I just don't get how the people in the show don't. Its a few hundred years in the future, but you'd still think that people would notice whats going on and protest. There seem to be absolutely no checks and balances to the power of the corrupt in EarthGov. At this point, if it goes any farther, EarthGov will start making the Alliance from Firefly or the Empire from Star Wars look like superior governments.

To be clear, my annoyance with EarthGov isn't effecting my enjoyment of the show. Its just a bit annoying to learn that, in B5, humans are actually worst in general then they are nowadays. I hope the EarthGov stuff doesn't become too muddled in reliving the past. I get it, JMS read a history textbook once. Either tone it down, or go full facist/dictatorship (which would atleast be something different). Still, the mediocre EarthGov stuff in no way messes with the rest of the show, which more than compensates for having to deal with an annoying EarthGov related character or plotline every so often. Also, I can see the earthGov stuff eventually going somewhere interesting, its just not there yet.
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