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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

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Given that they have not yet announced Rebekah/Claire Holt as a cast member of the spinoff show, whereas they have announced casting for other new roles for it, I'm now starting to wonder if she's going to be the one to get the tragic ending this season. (It wouldn't be TVD without tragic endings somehow!) I wonder if they find a cure, she becomes human and then gets killed for the irony of it? Hmm...

And once again, Julie Plec wubs the teary-eyed Joseph Morgan, so we get lots of long loving shots of him weepy-contemplative over Caroline. Ugh - I am so looking forward to getting the Originals off this show!
My problem is that I really don't care about anyone. I am not sure I was ever really invested in the characters. I used to like with what they did with the lore and flashbacks. (Though the lore was a little light and fluffy. I enjoyed it.)

The cast is just there, and I don't think anyone's death would faze me.

I liked Alaric's send off with the candles and thought of that as his big death scene. (I liked his drinking and grousing.) Then they ruined that with his resurrection or whatever you would call it.

No one really amuses me or makes me root for them, and that is a sad state.

Thought about the mark though -

Rebecca's middle ages boyfriend's mark was complete because he was an advanced hunter.

When you see him and the original 5 being created, he does not have the mark.

I think Jer took the cheap way out of completing the mark by killing Kol and ending his line. It seems that as hunter's gain skill and knowledge they advance and so do their marks. The hunter we saw last night seemed much quicker and was able to overpower Damon.

I get a feeling that Jeremy will suffer do to the shortcut method of his tat growing.

Vaughn's had progressed far up his arm, and he seemed more knowledgeable, quicker and stronger.

...but that is just a theory...

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