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Re: 10 Reason ST:DS9 Misjudged

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It wasn't as successful as TNG because it wasn't as broad and was too complex for most viewers. Nothing to do with quality.
Deep Space Nine was not too complex for most viewers, it simply didn't interest some of them. Nobody said anything about quality, what I said was that a lot of people enjoyed TNG, and then didn't enjoy DS9. Of course there were a ton of us that did like it as well, the show (contrary to what the internet perpetuates) was incredibly successful, just not as much so as TNG.

This whole "DS9 never got the attention it deserved / DS9 was treated like the bastard middle child of Star Trek" myth is crazy. The show was a huge success! It did much better than poor old Voyager or Enterprise. It got pretty much exactly what it deserved.

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If somebody tuned in to TNG for the first time during S6 they'd understand pretty much everything. If a new viewer tuned in to DS9 S6 they'd be utterly lost.
The first 6 episodes of that season are serialized (and even then they're pretty compartmentalized), the other 20 are stand alone stories that anybody could follow. Hardly bewildering to a casual viewer.
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