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Re: I think Keiko gets an undeservedly bad press!

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Keiko picks plants for a living, and her biggest complaint is that her husband's job is inconvenient.
Yes her biggest complaint is that she had to uproot her life as a famed botnist serving aboard the Federation Flagship to move to a world with an unstable government bordering Cardassia with her 6 year old daughter where the natives blew up her school and tried to take over the station.

I think she is downright supportive considering all the heart ache she has had to go through. I know a lot of people who would have left O'Brian who has six different kinds of PTSD from a half dozen wars and a 20 something virtual imprisonment, works long hours when he is not away most of the time on missions or busy being captured by the enemy.

I remember only a few arguments that were settled quite quickly. Bitch? Hardly, she seems like charm to be around. Not many people find that kind of love in there life time, Miles is a great guy and he is a smart guy because he held on to her with both hands.
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