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Re: Entertainment Weekly Star Trek Into Darkness Issue

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Having Cumberbatch is fine. Having him as a villain is fine. Having him play John Harrison is fine. Having him play Khan Noonien Singh is just silly.

This. I'm perfectly fine with The Batch as John Harrison or any other new villain, but having him turn out to be Khan is just a wrong fit. I mean, I thought the whole idea of creating a branch universe in the first movie was so they could tell stories that are not strapped by years of Trek history and details. So why NOT create a new antogonist?
Cos Khan is a great villain. Star Trek needs a good villain. Batman has his Joker, Superman has his Lex Luthor. Star Trek needs a good baddie rather than another mustache twirler from the create a generic villain machine. We can't do the borg. That would be a wrong fit. But Khan, he hasn't been done to death and there is space to explore the character a bit more and make him fresh and appealing to a new audience. Isn't that the purpose of branching out into the new universe? Same crew, same ship yet it's different. Why can you accept bringing back those characters but not the villain which proved to be one of the most challenging for them?
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