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Re: TMP Director's Edition Coming To Blu-ray

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Again, it's unlikely there ARE any elements to recomposite.

Frankly, if a DE had to be re-done I'd junk some of the dumb decisions made for the 2001 release which violated the intent of the artists who originally worked on the film (I'm looking at you, San Francisco). Why get the Doctormans of the world to consult instead of the Proberts of the world, who actually worked on the damned thing originally?
Sadly, getting the original guys who worked on it is not always a guarantee that the final product will be good. I'm thinking of a recent project, TNG: S2 on bluray perhaps? HTV and a few of the original crew made a pretty poor job of that. Not to say the TMP guys would do poorly, just saying it's no guarantee.

I'm one who enjoyed the DE more than the original cut and would be happy if they simply re-rendered the new shots in HD.

If Paramount would only listen.
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