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Re: Entertainment Weekly Star Trek Into Darkness Issue

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I have no idea how they'll justify Khan in this movie. That said, an idea I'm personally fond of is that Khan and his people have many descendants (think about the logic of it), who over the centuries have formed a conspiratorial network while plotting an uprising. Get a little of that Dan Brown action going for them y'know?
Well, once the timeline gets fucked by Nero, anything could happen to the Botany Bay that preempts the 'scheduled' recovery by the Enterprise. Maybe the fear inspired by the Narada thirty years ago prompted a conspiracy, like you said, that recovers Khan early for some nefarious purpose.
Some say that daylight savings time was implemented to give him another hour of track time and that he goes through Pon Farr every 7 seconds.

All we know is, he's called The Stig.
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