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Re: Crew familiarity

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I'd think for the purposes of maintaining order, Dax would act her rank when on duty among other officers.
Order was maintained so how is that an issue?
In this case, yes, but I would think that the Trill have a code of behavior already in place for this situation, which would say that the Trill officer should conduct themselves in official Starfleet matters according to the rank of their current host. Just because it didn't cause strain among the officers in this case doesn't mean it's a good policy overall.

Everyone knows they have a history, and Sisko can call her Old Man as much as he wants, and she can call him Benjamin in more private situations all she wants, but for her to so openly flaunt her special relationship with the captain just seems rude (like is it really necessary to say, "Benjamin, I'm picking something up on the sensors"?). It's especially rude to Kira, who outranks her and still addresses the CO with respect, and it just seems like showing off to all the other officers of equal or lesser rank, who also have to address Sisko, Kira and their seniors with respect.

Obviously Sisko doesn't mind, but it makes me think less of Jadzia (I don't blame Ezri, she's just following the status quo). Sometimes Trills seem like old people who know what they're doing is rude, they're just like, "I'm old! I don't have to follow the rules!"
All this military protocol sounds completely absurd to me. They're colleagues and friends, I don't see any reason to separate the two. Seems quite hypocritical.
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