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Re: I think Keiko gets an undeservedly bad press!

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It really annoys me that even in this day and age, apparently any female character who isn't always all sweetness and light and dares to get p****d off occasionally is still classed as a bitch.
Even Major Kira gets this treatment in the first season when she believed the government sold out Bajor's independence. A justifiable opinion since she spent about two and a half decades trying to uproot the last off-worlders slogging through swamps starving and probably didn't even know all that much about the Federation or how much of it was propaganda and how much wasn't. The Cardassian's also were nice in the beginning.

I like Keiko' character overall even those few times when she is unreasonable. I just wish they gave us a little more of her in happier times. I really liked her in Time's Orphan and the Assignment.
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