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Re: Dukat character - writer's mess?!

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...oh, and does anyone remember that bit in "Indiscretion" where they have him sit on a thorn and then waggle his backend up in the air carrying on "ahh, it hurts" like a 5-yr-old when he's meant to be this big tough soldier?
When I watched that scene, my first thought was he was manipulating Kira and being overly dramatic about the thorn to get her attention. Then when she laughed about it, he thought he would take advantage of the humor to bring them closer, so he laughed -- not because he found it humorous, but because he wanted Kira to grow closer to him. Either something about Kira reminds him of that dead Bajoran woman who he loved, or Dukat never truly loved that Bajoran woman and his mourning her was all an act to make him look sympathetic to Kira. Either way, I felt there was a lot of twisted manipulation going on. His more revealing actions in later seasons confirm this for me. But that was just my take on it.
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