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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

25. Waiting for "Superman" (✩✩✩✩) - Blu-ray - I've wanted to see this for a while now, but finally decided to get it after reading some of the discussion upthread. The one part of the documentary that caught my attention appeared near the very beginning. The little girl who wanted to be a surgeon said something very insightful, something that was probably the most important thing in the documentary… Basically, people need to pay attention and make things interesting for themselves. That's it. In other words, people need to know how to learn, so we need to teach kids how to learn. From this, pretty much everything else will follow. This also addresses the problem of kids being bored and making the teachers despondent. Shifting things around in the system is just a topical solution. It doesn't address the fundamental issue.

Theatre: 4
Blu-ray: 2
DVD: 6
Live TV: 9
Netflix: 0
Download: 4
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