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Re: TMP Director's Edition Coming To Blu-ray

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Again, it's unlikely there ARE any elements to recomposite.

Frankly, if a DE had to be re-done I'd junk some of the dumb decisions made for the 2001 release which violated the intent of the artists who originally worked on the film (I'm looking at you, San Francisco). Why get the Doctormans of the world to consult instead of the Proberts of the world, who actually worked on the damned thing originally?
You sure wouldn't have wound up with that single nacelle view from the lounge, which is probably nearly as awkward as anything that got replaced for the DE, if you count the unfixed uniform color change aspect in the lounge opticals.

I think Vulcan, while representative of SOME old boards, is also a mess on the DE. Even if they didn't go back to Yuricich's discarded (why discarded? WHY?) Vulcan painting, there was a version Mike Minor did that was in a yellow-ish vein (seen in the ENTERPRISE INCIDENTS in which he was interviewed) that still looks better than the theatrical and the DE versions.

Still would love to find out why the Vulcan theatrical shot was pulled from EEG and taken 'elsewhere' ... and where elsewhere actually was. More Katzenberg messups?

I think this Burnette guy would probably be my choice to supervise any new version. While he knows Dochterman, I don't think he'd be unduly influenced by what was done (right or wrong) on the DE, given the chance to get things right or better this time (snip off that lil guy fleeing epsilon 9 before he gets so close to camera, it is AWFULLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't recall ever cringing so much for somebody else's work before that day in 79.)
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