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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

Kai "the spy" wrote: View Post
Oh, please. Millar pursued the job of writing Superman movies quite aggressively, and now he didn't get the job, suddenly the character couldn't possibly work for a modern audience.
There's a big difference between wanting to write/do a Superman movie and wanting to write/do a JLA movie, as Christopher Nolan would no doubt be the first to argue. The IGN Movies writers speculated on their February 1 Keepin' it Reel podcast that The Man of Steel was pushed into production in part to help shore up WB's rights to the Superman property. Trouble is, they asked Nolan to oversee it, and Nolan's got no interest in a JLA/DC cinematic universe, so now the JLA project's hosed either way: if Man of Steel succeeds, putting that Superman into a JLA story would be awkward at best, and if it fails, people probably won't be too psyched to see him or yet another Superman in another context.

Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote: View Post
Case in point.

... I think hyzmarca also gave a pretty good summary of the JLA's weaknesses above; also, powers-wise, WW and Flash are basically copies of Superman except without heat vision or flight, respectively, and GL is kinda like Superman plus imagination-weapon powers. Apart from Batman and Aquaman (ha!), they're really too much alike in abilities terms.

JD wrote: View Post
I don't see where any of the DC characters abilities are really that much worse than the Marvel characters. Hell, one of the next movies has a talking raccoon and a sentient tree among it's cast members.
Those aren't abilities.
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