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I got it at Woolworths. There is a huge range of tropical fruit available in this city.. I think this durian is from Thailand.

And lo, I have torn it asunder! Which is a fancy way of saying I failed to segment and peel it correctly, but here it is anyway

This is the bit you are supposed to eat, the "custard" like part. It really is exactly like gooey custard in consistency.

It appears to be in four lobes divided by fibrous membrane.

After digging out all the edible bits I put them in this container. It is very heavy. You get a lot of custardy bang for your buck with the durian.

The brown bits are seeds.

And it was ... DELICIOUS!!!!!! ABSOLUTE AMBROSIA. Why the pungent aroma of rotten onions and fruit salad fermenting in the bottom of a rubbish bin now fills the whole house! As in.. permeates it. Intensely.

I am proud of myself because I ate quite a bit of it, trying to capture the taste I remembered from durian ice cream and some durian cakes and I did capture it.. creamy, warm, fermenting fruit but I didn't quite get to enjoy it because the onion taste was so strong. Some bits did have noticeably less onion in the taste but it was always there. I've got it in the fridge now (god help the cheese..) SEALED and I'm going to see if eating it cold improves it.

At one point as I was literally up to my wrist in the thing digging out globs of stuff from around the dividing walls the word "autopsy" came to mind.

Maybe it just needs some ice cream.
Oh - You did not do that INSIDE the house?!?!?!?! My wife would have killed me. Then killed me again!!
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