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Re: What's with all the Union Jacks in the trailer?

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I've been the USA several times on holiday and I noticed that the 1st time I went I noticed a lot of star and stripes everywhere so when I returned home I started to notice our flag more than ever. Also in this film there are a lot of British actors and actress cumberbatch Noel Clarke and I think Alice eve is also British perhaps a homage to them from JJ also JJ make like the likes of London and the UK !!!
Yeah. The American flag is everywhere, now. Used to be traditional to just fly the flag over government buildings (federal, state, local), schools, post offices, and other official-type buildings. Now, lots of private businesses fly it. The Bob Evans restaurant chain is known for flying huge American flags outside its restaurants. McDonalds flies American flags. For a lot of companies, I'm not sure it's so much for patriotic reasons as it is commercial.

On topic, a British flag in 2258 could convey anything British. Even if the national governments are no longer totally sovereign, the people and their symbols still exist. National feelings still exist. (Chekov is a proud Russian, and Scotty is a proud Scotsman.)

What "world government" republican-democracy would make nations do away with flags, anyway?
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