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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

One of my bigger problems in the first season was that they were trying too hard to make it seem like Rush was a shady bastard with a hidden agend when really, there wasn't enough evidence he did. It's especially bad at the end of Darkness or Light or where they suggest Rush knew all along the sun would recharge Destiny rather than destroy it, even though we see he was genuinely surprised when the ship wasn't destroyed. I wouldn't mind that he was such an unlikeable jerk if they had made that his flaw and developed the character from there as opposed to the "he has an agenda and could be working against us" thing they tried to shove on us which in the end just got a bit too silly.

Yes, the characters wouldn't/shouldn't trust him and that's fine. But there was no need to make the audience think he was untrustworthy while showing us blatant evidence that he was indeed working in everyone's best interests.
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