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Re: Is the opening section of GENS basically the best part of the movi

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As with James Bond, even the least of the STAR TREK movies has its moments. Granted, I can't think of the moment in NEMESIS off the top of my head.
I thought the VFX shot zooming in on the capitol of Romulus at the beginning was great (Well, that was the only reason I bought this DVD).

I didn't like the opening of GENERATIONS (what's with these stupid add-on bumpers on the Enterprise-C?), way to Kirk-centric you'd almost wonder if Bill Shatner was the director.

The entire (!) TOS crew gave us a beautiful, perfect good-bye at the end of Star Trek VI. What did Paramount do? Ruined and spoiled it with ST VII.

I think Mr. Plinkett made some comments worth listening to (I especially liked his observation of the last scene in Picard's ready room...unbelievable!): (Beware, it could really spoil your appetite for the film).

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