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yes, same here. It used to get hard before I could eat it up, so now I always buy a big loaf, cut itup and freeze it. This way I can always have as much bread as I just need, without the rest getting hard.
Btw, you can use the hard bread for puddings and souflees or for thickening a sauce or gravy. There's also a recipe for rye bread soup Or you soak it for a while and feed the ducks with it.

In Germany, consumer protection and MDs urgently recommend that you don't eat bread that has gone moldy but throw away the whole loaf. They say that what you see is only a fraction of the fungus while the rest of it may well have spread though the whole bread already and might cause great damage to your liver and kidneys. Sliced bread is more likely to get moldy because of the larger surface. White bread (toast for example) is moister than dark bread (rye) and therefore more likely to develop mold.
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