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Re: What's with all the Union Jacks in the trailer?

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United Earth? United Federation of Planets? I thought 22nd century Trek had a world government! Since when were there separate countries in Star Trek? To me, this is a big screw up.
This is why the new movies aren't being made for Star Trek fans, and that fact needs to be pointed out in every interview.
You have to remember in world war 2 Germany as a country was devastated by the allies including Berlin which was flattered to the ground. Who says that after world war 3 all country's and capital city's were devastated and then rebuilt?? From the trailers we've seen and pics of London and San Francisco with new buildings built around the old ones e.g St Paul's Cathedral. IMO every country still remains the same and has a goverment to run it including starfleet and UFP Buildings in every country that joined it as well .??
That green blooded son of a bitch !!!!
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