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MLP:FiM S3E12 - "Games Ponies Play" - Grading & Discussion

Episode Title: "Games Ponies Play"
Episode Air Date: Saturday, February 9th, 2013 / 10:30 AM EST, the HUB

SUMMARY: "In the hopes of proving that the Crystal Empire is more than worthy of being selected as the next venue for the upcoming Equestria Games, Princess Cadence commissions Twilight to work her magic with the deciding Games Inspector."


"Where do we go from here
now that all other children are growin' up?
And how do we spend our lives
if there's noone to lend us a hand?

I don't wanna live here no more,
I don't wanna stay
Ain't gonna spend the rest of my life,
Quietly fading away

Games people play,
You take it or you leave it
Things that they say, Honor Brite
If I promise you the Moon and the Stars,
Would you believe it
Games people play in the middle of the night"

- Alan Parsons Project, "Games People Play"

Yes, ever since I heard the title of the episode, this song has been running through my head non-stop. So, here we are, everypony, down to the wire, only two episodes left. This one, and The One That Shall Not Be Named <peal of thunder>. Anyhoo, this episode has Twilight helping Princess Cadance find the best games for her ponies to play. We get to see the Crystal Empire again (yay!), and we get to see Cadance again (hawt!), so let's watch the episode!

As always, you know the rules. Talk about whatever you want, but all spoilers have to be under spoiler tags until after 5 PM EST, Saturday evening. So, that being said, on to the show!

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