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Re: The Dog Thread: Our Furry Family and Friends

we always play it the other way round: the dog drops his ball somewhere and being such an excitable chap he almost immediately forgets where he left it. Then he's unhappy and all the family swarms out to search for the ball.
But in his defense I must say that he really has no good nose, contrary to his mother. She was a retired police/tracking dog and was very eager to continue what she had done all her life, so my dad trained her to find mushrooms. No truffles (they are a protected species here) but lots of yummy ceps and chanterelles =)
Pasha tried it, too, but all he found was an adder that bit him in the nose. He was quite ill for 2 weeks. Afaik the only case ever of a dog being bitten by a snake in my area. He didn't quite get it, though, and believes that he got stung by a bumble-bee or wasp. So ever since he got bitten, he's been hunting every flying insect, be it a wasp or a ladybug. You can drive him insane by imitating a bee's hum
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