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Re: Entertainment Weekly Star Trek Into Darkness Issue

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1. Of course he is playing Khan

2. In Space Seed Montalban had copious amounts of that same Klingon brown show polish makeup on

3. In Star Trek II he had the exact same pink completion everyone here seems to be bitching about with Cumby

4. Why are so many people POed that we are getting one of the finest, most intense, dramatic actors in the world playing a version of Treks most beloved arch villain ?
Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan, but not Khan Noonien Singh. His character's name is indeed John Harrison and he is an augment. The curveball they're throwing is that he's the descendent of Noonien Singh and therefore has a right to be called Khan whether it is being used as a name, a title, or both. This is the only answer that makes sense. This way he can be British, a member of Starfleet, and a one man weapon of mass destruction while at the same time being Khan in name and essence.

However, Khan Noonien Singh is almost certain to show up in the film in someway and not just as a flashback. That doesn't necessarily mean there will be a cliffhanger. I'm sure the Supreme Court would want to leave their options open as to what the next movie's plot is and who its villain is.

Section 31 or a similar group is likely to appear in some form as well.
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