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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

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You don't get a "next time," any more than I'd waste time on another Uwe Boll movie. That's the consequence of doing something really poorly.
Thanks for giving it a shot!
But considering Uwe Boll had directed dozens of movies and has made millions of dollars, it means your time isn't very valuable. So I guess my "consequence" is having to deal with you.
A gracious artist accepts that not everyone likes his or her work and doesn't feel the need to snipe the people who don't. Some people hate the music videos I've directed, and, you know what, that's fine. If they think my work isn't worth the time even after watching for 15 seconds, that's fine too.
Ultimately, you're right but the guy posted here to be mean spirited on purpose, so I felt it warranted a response.
I'd love to see your work, though. If you took the time to watch something of mine, I'd happily watch yours.

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I thought it was great!

ETA: Fun, kinda In Living Color(No Offense) but I enjoyed that show.
Thank you for watching, I really do appreciate it.
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