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Re: Entertainment Weekly Star Trek Into Darkness Issue

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1. Of course he is playing Khan

2. In Space Seed Montalban had copious amounts of that same Klingon brown show polish makeup on

3. In Star Trek II he had the exact same pink completion everyone here seems to be bitching about with Cumby

4. Why are so many people POed that we are getting one of the finest, most intense, dramatic actors in the world playing a version of Treks most beloved arch villain ?
Because in 2012, you'd think they would actually cast an INDIAN to play an INDIAN.

Having Cumberbatch is fine. Having him as a villain is fine. Having him play John Harrison is fine. Having him play Khan Noonien Singh is just silly. He's as white as they come and this is not 1967, so there's no reason anymore to cast white guys for other racial parts.

That's why I hope that it's just a rumor he's playing Khan and he's actually playing Johnny Villian/John Harrison/Whoever.

And why play "a version of Khan" when you can just replay Khan? So I hope that whoever he is there's no connection to Khan and he's a new villain entirely.
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