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Re: "Best of both Worlds" - Special Bluray Release

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The ships in the graveyard scene are very well defined. The explosion at the end was fantastic!
I'm glad they showed the explosion, because this is a good preview for Cause and Effect. It makes me wonder how CBS-D is going to handle the Enterprise-D blowing up like 5 times in that episode, if they are going to do anything additions or what.


Agreed about them taking out what made the cliffhanger so great. I think on tha end I'm glad they are showing this feature movie in the theaters so we can see how they are going to do it. I still think we're going to get "Mr. Worf, Fire", a good amount of black screen to let the score play, and then jump right into the next episode without the "previously on". That would be the best way, and it leaves the drama intact.
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