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Re: Is the opening section of GENS basically the best part of the movi

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Personally I think there is an interesting story buried in the John Harriman character.

A capable Starfleet Officer in his own right but he struggles mightily trying to be the guy who follows CAPTAIN KIRK as skipper of the Big E.

I think there could be a great character story hidden in there.
Exactly. Harriman is not incompetent, he's not a 'weenie'. He's just the new guy. Everyone has to start somewhere. Besides, Harriman would never have been given command of an Enterprise in the first place if he had been a bad captain...

The problem is simply that he isn't Kirk. Therefore, anyone is going to be prejudiced against Harriman for that very reason - the assumption that only Kirk can be a good captain, that anyone else could never measure up. Which is sad and completely untrue, really.

For Harriman's part, at least he has the guts to swallow his pride and ask Kirk for help when the time comes.
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