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Re: What is "The Fall"?

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Let the speculation begin!

I'm going to spoiler-tag this just in case.



Mind you, I'm not endorsing that conspiracy theory or saying the authors at Pocket are. It just makes me think of that phenomenon.

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^ At the very least, aren't there multiple future time periods (in both onscreen canon and current Treklit) that clearly have the Federation's survival assured? The 29th century of Braxton, the 31st century of Daniels, the Jake & Nog framing story from TGTMD, etc.
Not necessarily. The Federation could fall and be rebuild. What do we know about history from the 26th to the 28th century? Compare the fall and reconstruction of the USA in Postman, Shattered Union and Jericho.
Pedantry alert:

The United States did not fall in Jericho. Rather, it splintered in two, with Western states coming under the hegemony of the self-declared, corporate-dominated "Allied States of America" after the United States's major cities were destroyed. But the U.S. continued to exist, and the federal government moved its capital to Columbus, Ohio.

Though that of course suggests other dark potentialities. Perhaps the Federation doesn't literally fall, but is split in twain?

Or maybe we're all speculating in wild directions that have no basis in reality purely because of a vague title.
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