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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Favorite Son

They really should be embarrassed over this one! Kim hears things, fires on a vessel without permission, has weird flashbacks about his family and childhood, and gets tricked into thinking he is from a different planet. When Voyager is attacked a Tarisian ship comes to their aid and claim that Kim is one of them. They claim he was conceived there and taken to Earth to be implanted into an Earth woman. They claim that their DNA helps them to return, and that the goal is to bring new DNA and cultures into their society. The society is filled with mostly women, there are few men. They are fawning over Kim….(my intimal reaction after the first Tarisian scene was to vomit. My secondary reaction was, “please let them all be black widows and kill him”). The men on the planet get to marry multiple women, and then the women eat him (or close enough). At least they are kind enough to blindfold them and tie their hands first!

The women try to convince Harry to join with them and procreate on the planet. Kim keeps refusing, even after all of the sexual innuendo that is thrown at him! This was a truly horrible episode, and all it did for the series was make everyone look gullible and silly. I guess I could say, at least Kim showed a little backbone and tried to run away.

Favorite part: B’Elanna to Harry: “What happened to your face?” (He was born with it….)

Least favorite part: The episode. Thus far my least favorite episode!
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