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Re: Dark Territory: Shadow Puppets (Revised)

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Imperial Romulan Cruiser Aidoann
Control Central

His finger tapping increased with his impatience. Centurion Gakket forced himself to remain seated. N’Clado and the other savages were taking longer than he had suspected. The Corvallen freighter was only so big. The drab brown vessel hung placidly in space before them, its exterior doubtlessly shielding the horrors going on within.

“What’s taking them so long?” He grumbled, his frustrations finally escaping his lips.

“Perhaps the ship’s crew is providing stiffer resistance than anticipated,” Decurion Aemilius chimed in from the weapons console. Gakket didn’t know what to make of the man’s comment. Was he insulting the Remans’ fighting ability or criticizing Gakket’s decision to send only a handful of Remans aboard the Astral Eddy? Or was he doing both? One could never be sure about the man.

Gakket turned around half-way in his seat to glare at him. The rangy weapons officer wisely kept his eyes downcast, supposedly glued to his terminal. Aemilius wanted the command chair, and though that would normally raise Gakket’s ire and his disruptor hand, he would be happy to hand over this command to the striving subordinate.

The centurion said nothing and contented himself with burning disruptor holes into the Decurion until he started to fidget. Satisfied that the pecking order had been reestablished, Gakket turned back around in his seat.

Several more minutes passed before Oallea grumbled, “Receiving an incoming communication sir; audio only.”

“Put it on speakers,” Gakket ordered. There was a touch of static and then the bridge filled with N’Clado’s basso voice.

“We have recovered the contents from the passengers,” he replied.

“About time,” Gakket huffed, “Prepare it for immediate beam out.” N’Clado complied, responding moments later with the exact location for the items. “Commence,” the centurion ordered.

“Awaiting orders,” N’Clado stated.

“Has the entire crew been neutralized?” Gakket asked.

“Yes sir,” N’Clado answered.

“Good work,” Gakket allowed, nodding. He stood up and strolled to the weapons console.

“Decurion, you’re relieved,” he ordered. It took Aemilius a second too long to hide his displeasure. Gakket soaked it in before completely forgetting the man.

“Oallea,” he called. The Reman promptly left his post at the operations station. He stopped with a hard slap of boots in front of Gakket, his coiled frame at enviable attention.

“At ease,” Gakket waved. “I want you to assume the weapons console.”

“Sir?” Both Aemilius and Oallea said at almost the same time. Gakket smirked. The question had an angry, indignant air with Aemilius, but with Oallea, the single word was filled with confusion and a hint of suspicion.

“You heard me bug!” Gakket snarled, though he really wasn’t upset. In fact, he was quite enjoying himself. Without further protest, the Reman assumed Aemilius’s post.

Nodding with satisfaction, the centurion said next: “Now destroy the Astral Eddy.”
“What about the Remans?” Aemilius asked. Gakket sniffed.

“A small loss,” he shrugged. “Oallea,” the centurion called again, limning his voice with threat. “Activate the magnetic pulse. I want them to see their deaths coming.” The Reman hesitated just a second more before he released a coruscating white sphere of devastation upon the doomed Astral Eddy.
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