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Re: "10 Reasons Deep Space Nine Was Cruelly Misjudged"

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It's a pretty good article, although their reason #8 makes me want to write "Reasons why DS9 season 2 is cruelly misjudged".
Yeah, I grumbled a bit when I got to that one, too

As you say, nothing really revelatory, but certainly nice to see.

I'm not sure, actually, that DS9 is really misjudged anymore, at least not "cruelly." I think it's pretty widely recognized now, at least among genre fans, as the very good, sometimes great, stylistically and thematically prescient show that it is. Certainly the success and prominence of Ron Moore's BSG, which it obviously influenced very directly, helped with this.

But I guess articles about how a show is/was "cruelly misjudged" is part of the process of the show no longer being that way
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