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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

The Rise

Voyager is trying to help a planet avoid being destroyed by asteroids. There is a scene in the beginning where they try to explode them, but it does not work….why don’t they just use a tractor beam and set them on another course?

I like it that Neelix is so excited to work on his Star Trek training. He does have good ideas, and tries to be useful. He did go get extra medical supplies before going on an away mission; this is a good idea. I get the feeling that I am in the minority, but I am a Neelix fan!!

Another shuttle bites the dust! Seriously, is this an ongoing joke? The writers do realize that this is silly right? Neelix goes with Tuvok to the planet, they are stranded (when the shuttle breaks), and Neelix sees the Seattle Needle Thingy that will bring them high enough up to contact Voyager. Neelix works hard to get the carriage working, and he tries to keep moral up! He even yelled at Tuvok, so he would listen to him! He made a great comment, “It’s strange I really like him (Tuvok), I just wish the feeling was mutual”. I really liked this statement. I think it shows that Neelix is not as dumb as some people think. He knows he is not necessary liked. I like Neelix’s part in this episode. He really is a good character. He is loyal, resourceful, and kind. I do admit he is a bit quirky! I like it that he is being trained to have a more active role on the ship.

Favorite part: Neelix to Tuvok: “I am glad to see your interpersonal skills are improving. You are learning to motivate people”. Badass, Neelix sticks up for himself in this episode, and doesn’t fall all goggley eyes around Tuvok, and I like it that he quite calling him Mr. Vulcan or Mr. Tuvok….I never decided if that was patronizing or an innocent comment.

Least favorite part: The Frankenstein walk that Tuvok does when Neelix lets him back into the carriage after the one guy tried to kill him. It was pretty ridiculous when the guy Tuvok fights goes backward out of the carriage screaming…it was pretty cheesy graphics.
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