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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

All right. I don't have the time to do this every week like I used to.

Avengers 5-- An origin story for the new Smasher and already, she's a character that I like and want to root for. I'm enjoying Avengers, but not as much as I'm sure I will later. Right now, Hickman is putting all of his pieces on the board and setting things up. I'm sure there will be at some in this run, as there has been for every Hickman book that I've followed, a moment where something happens, my jaw drops with sudden realization, and I go back and re-read the whole run from the first issue. I love it when a book can do that.

New Avengers 3-- Wow. I didn't expect things to get this dark this quickly.

One thing of note regarding this issue's connection to the upcoming Thanos event. It would seem not be a simple re-hash of the Infinity Gauntlet tales as some have speculated due to one event that I'm sure will have many repercussions down the line...

Hickman has said that NA was currently the most important book in the MU, and I think that this is the beginnings to why.

All-New X-Men 7-- I am loving this book! I've always had a soft sopt for the O5, but this book is far better than I imagined it would be. I love the interactions of the O5 with the modern cast and their own future selves. Despite fears, I think Bendis has a real feel for the character's voices and a genuine direction in mind.

My favorite part, an exchange between Kitty, Jean and Teen Bobby--

Kitty: Drop and give me fifty!

Bobby: Fifty what?

Kitty: Bobby Drake-- you want to live here in the present, you want to train here. I'm training you.

Bobby: I can make ice with my body.

Kitty: Your flabby baby-boy body.

Bobby: Now, you listen here, lady, I've been an X-Man for--

Kitty: What, three weeks?

Bobby: I fought Magneto!

Kitty: Yes, I saw the footage. You threw snowballs at him.

Bobby: Oh, yeah? You know Unus the Untouchable? I totally touched him. (that sounded wrong.)

Kitty (To Jean): Is he always like this?

Jean: Consistently. Isn't yours?

Kitty: It's odd, though, that I find mine charming.

Jean: That is odd.

Of course, that brings up a niggling continuity bit. While it made for a cute line, Future Hank pulled the O5 out of the past, specifically out of X-Men 8, "The Uncanny Threat of... Unus the Untouchable!" by Lee and Kirby, from the page just before Unus made his first appearance!

Iron Man 6-- Tony Stark in space. Worth it just to see Tony Stark get shot down by an alien princess because of the hideous growth on his face-- his beard! Also, he runs afoul of some people who accuse him of murdering their god. Stark doesn't remember killing a god.

Alien: The Void Falcon, or as most would call it, The Phoenix. It's gone.

Stark: Oh. That God.

Fearless Defenders 1--I'll give it an arc and decide. I want to support one of Marvel's female-centric titles, but the 1st issue didn't do much for me. There is an interesting dynamic between Valkrie and Misty Knight, and Dani Moonstar joins the cast with next issue, so hopefully, things will pick up.

Avengers Assemble Annual 1-- A nice character bit for the Vision, one of my favorite characters. Since he isn't going to be featured in any Avengers books, it's nice that they did this story to explain his absence. I like that he made contact with his "son", Billy from Young Avengers.

Hit-Girl 5-- Wow. Just wow. That is one crazy little bitch! Bring on Kick-Ass 3!
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