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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

I remember when they finally made some alien contact and we got an episode that was nice and stargatey, how happy I was

Really wasn't more of the same.

As to unlikable, I found so many of them irritating and dull at first. Rush was so repulsive to look at it really put me off, had some visceral reaction to him. Young was a bigger idiot than Archer with the embarrassment that some of his idiocy was supposed to be character development. Matthew Scott and Chloe Armstrong were just huge nothing characters, couldn't care less about them. Camille Wray was vile and I had trouble believing anyone in that situation with that level of career would be so stubbornly holding onto pedantic protocols. Actually I think a lot of that could be blamed on the use of the stones not allowing these characters to exist as isolated and lost to their old lives.

I think season 3 could have been excellent especially if they were cut off from earth completely. It was definitely giving up on being some gritty drama (which it failed at big time I think) and embracing being a science fiction show first.

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